Formal Education

National University of Singapore

2017-2021 (21-25 y/o)

Bachelor of Computing (Honours) in Computer Science

St. Joseph’s Institution Senior School

2013-2014 (17-18 y/o)

JC 1-2.
IB Diploma (November 2014 examination): 41 points, with 777 in Higher Level Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

St. Joseph’s Institution

2009-2012 (13-16 y/o)

Secondary 1-4.
GCE ‘O’ Level: 8 passes, with 4 A1s, 2 A2s and 2 Bs.
L1R5 aggregate: 8 points raw; 6 points after deducting bonus points.

Henry Park Primary School

2006-2008 (10-12 y/o)

Primary 4-6.
Gifted Education Programme.
PSLE: 236 points

Bukit Timah Primary School

2003-2005 (7-9 y/o)

Primary 1-3.

Online Education

Since 2009, my learning has been very self-directed as I find almost all information I need online. I also found MOOCs when I was serving my second year of National Service, and got pretty obsessed with them, waking up everyday at 5am to study in order to keep my brain active.

Although I completed 15 courses, I’ve only listed the courses that are significant or that I’m very proud of.

CS193P iPhone Application Programming (Spring 2009)
Stanford University, through iTunes U

2009 (13 y/o)

I owe my entire programming career to this course.

I had no programming experience before this, and I had been trying to learn it for about a year with zero success. Then Apple and Stanford started CS193P and uploaded the lectures on iTunes U. Somehow, I managed to struggle through all those videos, and achieved a basic grasp of app development in about 6 months.

With this basic knowledge, I went out and make apps, learning many other technologies, libraries, programming languages and programming paradigms along the way, resulting in what I daresay is a mastery of app development today.

8.01 Classical Mechanics
MIT, through YouTube

2011-2012 (15-16 y/o)

I used this course to supplement the physics lessons I had in school as I wanted much deeper explanations than the curriculum provided. Even though I was only in secondary school, I understood and was even entertained by Prof. Walter Lewin’s’ explanations. His lectures made physics easy in school.

6.041x Introduction to Probability – The Science of Uncertainty
MITx, through edX

2016 (20 y/o)

This was an interesting but very challenging undergraduate course taught by Prof. John Tsitsiklis, intended to be an introduction to probabilistic models, including random processes and the basic elements of statistical inference. I got 87% at the end, which was higher than the class average of 84%.

ARPO222x The Art of Poetry
Boston University, through edX

2016 (20 y/o)

Even though I did not do very well for the poetry lessons in school, it had intrigued me with its non-deterministic nature. Through lectures and discussions hosted by Prof. Robert Pinsky, I developed a better understanding and feeling for poetry. It was great fun.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design
California Institute of the Arts, through Coursera

2016 (20 y/o)

I think I will struggle with art forever, but it is always a fun struggle. I’ve uploaded some work that I submitted for your entertainment.

Human-Centered Design: an Introduction
UC San Diego, through Coursera

2016 (20 y/o)

This is a human-computer interaction course, a topic that is related to making apps. It was great fun bashing websites for their bad designs, something which I actually do in real life, a little arrogantly since I cannot design well myself.