Review of 4 domain registrars

Lately, I’ve been rather obsessed with getting domain names, to the detriment of my bank account and Bitcoin wallet balance. I started with, then,, and finally

Of course, I wanted to get the best value for money. Before I started, all I knew was that I didn’t want to register my domains with GoDaddy. I found many smaller registrars and couldn’t find any independent reviews or feedback for them. Because of this, I thought I’d post a short review of all the registrars I’ve used so far.



One of the most popular registrars out there – can’t go wrong with them.


To be honest, the only reason I used OnlyDomains was that they sold .sg domains cheaply and I wanted a cool 3-letter domain. Their site is pretty but is lacking in features, most notably the now ubiquitous 2FA. Still, their prices are competitive and they even issued me a Domain Registration Certificate.


NFS is actually the first registrar I’ve used. I love their no-nonsense approach and their pay-for-what-you-need model. When you buy a domain with them, you don’t even get DNS – you have the option to pay them a little to host your DNS with them or you can host it somewhere else. There’s no URL redirection – you’ll simply set up a static site (for almost no cost) with a .htaccess file. Don’t worry about getting lost either, they have a very extensive FAQ page. The interface looks dated but it feels reliable and powerful, and has a very raw, DIY feel. I love it.


I’m not a fan of pork buns, but I’m in love with and their service. I bought for $14.80 for 10 years. Besides being mindblowingly cheap, this domain will only expire when I’m 30 years old. What?! That’ll take an eternity. If you’re new to domains, you might want to buy a .science (or another $1.48 domain) just to experiment. I’ve heard that their customer support is fantastic too.

All registrars in this list were good, but my favorite is PorkBun for their price and features. I’ve also been looking at registering domains with, (which has super cheap $1.99 .work domains but the included DNS is limited to domain parking and URL redirection),, etc, but I haven’t gotten around to buying anything there yet. If y’all know of any better domain registrars, tweet me at @taneliang or email me at I hope this review will give you an impression of what some of these relatively unknown registrars are like.